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We Believe in Teams

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We Believe in Teams

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Jason Cusick

I often get asked the question: How does leadership work at Journey of Faith? We really believe in teams at Journey of Faith.

Today I want to take a moment to introduce our Executive Team and specifically welcome our new team member Blair Farley, our Executive Director of Experience. Most of what we do happens through our teams of volunteers who use their gifts and availability to make our mission happen. Everything from our parking teams to our overseeing Elders, our volunteers lead much of what we do. Thank you for everything you do as a volunteer to lead Journey of Faith!

We also have a great team of paid staff who oversee, plan and coordinate many of the details of our church ministry. Our staff is here to help further equip and empower people for ministry (Ephesians 4:12). We’re going to use this eNews format to help you meet and get to know our staff and volunteers better.

Finally, we have a small team that helps support and lead at a macro-level. We call this our Executive Team. This team includes: Jason Cusick (Lead Pastor), Alex Grahmann (Multisite Ministry), Jill Lewolt (Kids and Students), Greg Piken (Community Life), Sharon Peirce (Operations), and Krista Reyna (Executive Coordinator).

And this month, we’re happy to welcome another team member to our Executive Team. His name is Blair Farley. Blair is new to our staff and will be serving as Executive Director of Experience (referring to the “Sunday Experience” and all the various ministries that converge in our worship services). He’ll be leading our worship, communications, tech, and creative arts teams. He has a great background in these areas from his previous ministry at Mariners and The Rock Church in San Diego.