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Growing Deeper Means Growing Together

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Growing Deeper Means Growing Together

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Jason Cusick

I just left the first session of a Freshman Orientation meeting with my son who is starting college next week and I want to share with you something I heard that really pumped me up. They talked about the history of the school, academics, and campus security. But then one of the first year advisers got up and powerfully challenged the students.

He strongly encouraged new students to get used to studying together because it’s better than studying alone. He said research shows that people who study and learn together are more successful at understanding what they are learning, better retain what they’ve learned, and develop more emotional intelligence, which is vital for long-lasting relational and professional success.

This made me think about the new series we started this weekend called Growing Together. We’re looking at the importance of Life Groups, where we meet regularly for community, support, and spiritual growth. Jesus taught, learned and connected in groups—and encouraged his followers to do the same.

Secular and spiritual wisdom are on the same page on this: groups are a necessary vehicle for growth.

If you are currently in a Life Group, thank you for making your group a priority in your spiritual life. Could you help us start some new groups? If you are not in a Life Group, would you say yes to starting or joining a group this September as part of our next series called The Good Life?

Do you want to grow deeper in your faith and help others do the same? Growing deeper requires that we grow together.

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