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Lament and Thanksgiving Psalms


During the Focus message series Pastor Jason taught on the lament or “complaint” psalms. About 70 percent of the psalms in the Bible are lament psalms, and one important lesson they teach us is that God can handle our strongest emotions! Jason challenged us to write out our own lament psalms. Here are some of your honest, powerful and heartfelt expressions of lament and thanksgiving:


How great is the Lord!

You surrounded me with friends and family who loved and supported me, to help carry my burden.
You filled my days with those who would encourage and pray for me.
You met my every need.

You provided for me in my time of need.
You reigned down blessings on me, in the midst of my struggle.
You doused my worries and fears with joy and abundance.

You rewarded my trust and patience with work! A great opportunity that is better in every way.
Who could ever question your wisdom?
Who would challenge your unending love?

Help me to work as unto you.
To use my gifts and abilities for your glory.
Help me to trust in my disbelief.

You’re righteousness is made known by your merciful acts.
Your zeal for me, shown through your loving kindness.

I will love and serve you all the days of my life. Amen.


LORD when my spirit grew faint within me You were there
When I started not feeling well and found myself going to different doctors each with a different diagnosis, You where my refuge. When after so many specialists, so many months I got the diagnosis that I have a very rare and life threatening disease and when I was told “You have cancer” You never left me.

I cried aloud to the LORD, my LORD. “You don’t understand,” but You showed me You did understand. A doctor told me I could die. Jesus’ Father told Him He would die. I told You my LORD I have a hard time breathing and it hurts every time I take a breath and Jesus died on the Cross straining for each breath. 

You are such a faithful God. You never make us go through anything that You would not being willing to do for us. You have been with me each step of the way. You understand. You even said “I will never leave you nor abandoned you.” 

In wondering why You would let me go through this… why anyone would have to suffer illness, it is not entirely clear.  But I do know that after I became ill I have had many more opportunities to tell people of Your love and grace in difficult times. 

You listened to my cry and I praise Your name. My life is an answer to prayers which doctors cannot understand. You give hope.


God, I’m tired of trying to remember. Exhausted from crying out for relief.

The unresolved mystery envelopes every inch of my soul.

Why won’t you open my eyes? Reveal the forgotten past? So that I can understand!

All I have left are deep feelings of unspeakable fear and sheer helplessness. Flashes of moments seared in my mind. Violent words, sounds of pain, the aftermath. 

I’m broken from fighting for memories that are tamped down like a dense fog in my heart, God. Occasionally seeping out like the agonizing whimpers of a child choking back fear in the dark. 

Why didn’t I do more, something, ANYTHING to stop the chaos?

Why didn’t You do more, something, ANYTHING to stop the destruction; to stop the fear; to stop the hell? 

Where were you?

God, help me to see that you were there, that you protected me. Help me to see that I could not have done more; that I could not have been more brave.
Help me to see that it’s not. my. fault.
The chaos didn’t belong to me or You.
Help me to believe these truths.
To know you’ve been here all along, watching over me, collecting all my tears.

I believe that You knew I would be here today, with a sorrowful heart that’s also full of trust and joy and expectation.
I believe that You knew all along. And you know what the future holds. 

God, thank you for protecting me.
Thank you for covering me in your wings.
Thank you for knowing all the things I can’t imagine.
Thank you for your lovingkindness.
Thank you for joy amidst the sadness. 

Father in Heaven, You alone protect me in your hands, and you are so great.


How long must I look and no one comes?
How long send unanswered cries for strength and rescue?
My thoughts spin endlessly like brown rattling leaves.
The sun warms the land but stops at my eyes.
Why am I always left here unable to move again?

But you, Lord, will arrive, stand close, embrace,
Your whisper, a saving strength, that breathes calm like Spring.
Your light will reach inside and burst green from brown
And I will praise you again–walk again in Hope’s rescuing arms.


A Lament Psalm (in 4 parts) – looking back at 75 years ago from 2019 – Bill Hall – Nov. 17-21, 2019

(1) Oh Lord God Almighty, You are everywhere and everywhen. By You and through You, all things exist. You are before all things, and in You all things hold together. You have always been and always will be. From everlasting to everlasting, You are God. Nothing is hidden from You. Nothing is too hard for You.
Bear with your simpleminded lowly servant, as he ponders what You have allowed to be brought to his awareness these past nine months. With Your approval, in fullness of time – not too soon, not too late – a curtain is pulled back, a veil is lifted, a light shines into the dim, misty past.
The soul of your weak-minded servant cries out to You, as he wrestles with the unfathomable, the inexplicable, the unpardonable and the unfixable. Great hurt and painful rejection were inflicted upon the innocent. What can I possibly do, from here? How can I possibly help, from now? Can anything be done, for those in the “there and then,” by someone in the “here and now”? WHAT CAN BE DONE?
Logical, reasoned thoughts begin to swirl about, caught up in whirlwind and maelstrom; a vicious vortex. Everything remains the same, even though everything is different. Past life events are framed within a larger context. All that was heretofore known, has been revealed to be the successor of a predecessor. It is like discovering that the foundation of a house sits on top of another.
(2) The accuser denounces, “Roaming throughout the earth, going back and forth on it. Inequity runs rampant! Does this shabby sorry servant fear God for nothing? With blessings from birth, of course he has chosen You!”
The adversary roars,
“Such injustice; for he had plenty, while they had poverty!”
The servant’s mind is disturbed and moans, “I was unaware and did not know.”
The accuser roars,
“Such unfairness; for he enjoyed new clothes, new shoes, new books; while they made do!”
The servant’s heart is troubled and groans, “I was dumb and did not know.”
The adversary roars,
“Such inequality; for he feasted on steak and cake, while they went without!”
The servant’s soul roils and bemoans, “I was young and did not know.”
The accuser and adversary – roars, roars, roars,
“Model trains, horse, pool, drums, billiards table, piano, organ, violins, motorbike, and more!
Permission was given him to enjoy lavish luxury, while they suffered leanness!
Through the years, his sisters’ pleas echo, “How much a little money would have helped!””
(3) The Advocate responds,
“ENOUGH!!! AWAY ACCUSER!!! You mix lies and truth!!! There is no condemnation!!!
It is within the purview of the sovereignty of the Most High Almighty Lord.
He raises up, and brings down. He gives and He takes away.
He directs people’s paths, and the ways around or through.
He walks before, behind and alongside.
I was watching over my servant, before he knew I was there.
I was watching over them, before he was born, and even before they were born.
I testify the truth that he did not know, that he could not know. (Greater than 15 years were put in between them. They were children of the 40’s. He was a child of the 60’s. More than 500 miles were in between them. They were three states away. Even if, when he had come of age at 12 years old – and if the history had been told, and if he had forgone possessions or had them sold, and if trustworthy people had carried the gold – the younger of the two would have been 27 years old.) NONETHELESS!!!
I heard their cries then, and his prayers now, and met their needs.
I am with them then, I am with them now, I am with them always.”
The lighting and thunder stop. The storm ceases. The wind returns to a gentle breeze. And once again, the warm sun fills the sky.
(4) The Lord God Almighty has already given instruction about the way to go. What He has said in His Word – that is what His servant will do:
Act justly, love mercy, walk humbly.
Pray in the Spirit on all occasions with all kinds of prayers and requests. Make petitions, prayers, intercession and thanksgiving for all people.
Bear the fruit and share the fruit, of the Spirit – love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control.
Share the grace that was given us in Christ Jesus before the beginning of time.
Walk in the light, as He is in the light. Replace rejection with reconciliation.
And never, never forget, that these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love.
And above all, LOVE covers over a multitude of sins.

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God, why have you allowed me to lose my job?
Why now in a time when we are in financial need, at the worst possible time?
Why with such abruptness have you taken this job from me?
When I have done nothing to deserve it?
I gave so much of my time, effort, and abilities to this job, and for what? 

I wish I knew your purpose in this situation. Your will for my life that would bring clarity and meaning to all of this. That would give me hope and some consolation in the midst of this difficulty and struggle.

I have tried distracting myself from this situation with TV, games, and activities but it still remains, constantly nibbling away at me.
Why is it taking so long to get another job? When will this uncertainty end?
I know that I should trust you and I do, but I am worried for my family and my home. I need to provide for them.
I am reminded that you have always provided for me. I have never needed anything that you haven’t given me. I have lived a life of service and you have rewarded it with uncountable blessings.

You have honored what your word says, and have loved and cared for me, even when I didn’t deserve it.

I can see how my job has become my identity. How it has distracted me from what is important. I thank you for giving me a career that I truly enjoy. Please help me to refocus my priorities to be in line with yours.

Help me to fully rely on you, trusting unwaveringly in the midst of this maelstrom.
Even when all hope should be lost, I pray that I can trust in you fully. 

Help me to not rely on my own power alone. God I need you. I need you more than anything even when I don’t acknowledge it. Help me to trust and lean on you at all times, not just when my own abilities have failed me.

Thank you for being so consistent. For being here, waiting for me to come to you. For being an immovable pillar of strength that I can rely on. Waiting patiently to catch me when I fall. 

Help me to overcome my disbelief and use this difficulty. To turn it in to another testament to your might, power, and love. 

Your goodness remains forever. You are the bright morning star. You are my provider. The creator of all things. Who else can compare to you? All who love and trust you have nothing to fear.

Lament / Thanksgiving

Oh Lord, my God
Where are You in this today?
I sought You all evening, I sought You as I slept
I have not reframed from seeking You my God
I search my heart, my mind, trying to make sense of it all
My spirit agonizes, my soul weeps as I cry out to You
Oh LORD, please help me understand

Why do You want me to be with these people…, wicked to the core are they
Why do You count me among them….show me Lord that which is for me
Search me oh Lord and cast out any semblance of them in me
Let Your guiding Spirit work within me
May His fruits shine out of me that others might not only see but experience Your greatness,
Your loving kindness…, that You be praised

LORD, fill me with Your love for people
And let me not judge them
Fill me especially with love for Your people, Your elect
Help me not feel threatened and be able to reach out to them
Show me how to reach out in love to everyone

Thank you Heavenly Father for Your chosen for me; those revealed to me
Those You know I need to feel safe as I trust You as I learn and grow in faith

Use me as Your vessel to be a blessing to others
Everything belongs to You Father
Direct and help me be a good steward of Your precious gifts
Let the people hearing good testimony know that All blessings flow from You
And in knowing, realize the love You have for them
And in realizing, may they praise Your name forever and desire to draw nearer to You

And LORD God, I will always sing praises to You, my God, while I have my being
It gives me great joy and such peace to sing praises to Your name

I WILL sing a hallelujah in presence of my enemies
I WILL sing a hallelujah in the middle of the storm
I WILL sing a hallelujah…, heaven comes to fight for me
Louder and Louder LORD, You gonna hear my praises roar
I WILL sing a hallelujah cause MY KING IS ALIVE!