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Town Hall Update: November 2020

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Town Hall Update: November 2020

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Journey of Faith

Journey held a Town Hall Business Meeting on November 19, 2020 via Zoom. Elder Peter Oey provided a church financial update. The vote to approve the January – June 2021 budget was passed. The vote to use all available resources to fund the Torrance project, including a $1.5M line of credit, was also passed. The congregation voted to affirm Elder nominees Sheldon Brackett, Rick Cambra and John Burge, as well as Diaconate nominees Teri Engle, Christie Farley, Wayne Limm, Mike Ott and Rita Wright. Pastor Jason encouraged the congregation with ways to finish strong this year, with gratitude, generosity and faith.

If you have any questions about anything shared, please feel free to contact Blair Farley.