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Message Series

APRIL 24 – MAY 15

Anxiety is the biggest mental health issue today. Over 200 million people struggle with anxiety and anxiety disorders. We all know someone who struggles with anxiety and we all face times of worry, stress, and fear. Jesus said, “Do not be anxious.” But how do we do that? In this four-week series, we’ll discover how anxiety can help us move closer to God and we’ll learn practical ways to help take back control of our lives.


9am + 11am

Manhattan Beach | Torrance | Online

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The Book

The pressures of modern life seem specially designed to cause anxiety, and anxiety is on the rise in recent years. The good news is that anxiety is very treatable. Pastor Jason Cusick tells the story of his own history with anxiety and offers expertise, practical guidance, and empathy. Filled with practical advice and the hope of Christ, The Anxiety Field Guide is a rich resource for both those who suffer from anxiety and those in a position to help them.

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