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What We Believe About…

The Church

We believe God promises when two or three are gathered, He is present among us in a special way. Our gatherings accomplish three important functions as a church: worship, discipleship, and evangelism.


We come together on Sundays to worship and serve the Lord. God doesn’t live in the church building but in the hearts of every believer in Christ. So when those saved by Jesus come together to worship God, we get a special sense of His presence. We are mutually encouraged in our worship, but, more importantly, our worship glorifies a worthy God.


We gather to spur one another on toward loving others. The discipleship of believers is key to the health of our church. Since the mission of the Church is to go into the world to make disciples, we desire to mature believers through the teaching of God’s Word so that they might be equipped to spread the gospel.


Evangelism must also happen beyond the walls of our building, but it is imperative that the Gospel be presented when we gather. Therefore, we strive to make an environment where all people are welcome. Because we realize that unbelievers attend our church, we will attempt to leverage and redeem culture for the Gospel. We trust that it is through the preaching of God’s Word that faith is born in the heart of a believer.

Where there is only one dimension — of worship, teaching, or evangelism — there may be a movement, a crusade, or a conference, but not a church. A church is made of all three components.

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