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Next Steps

What’s Your Next Step?

Whether you are just getting started here or have been attending for years, there’s always a next step to take in your relationship with God. We’re here to help you discover and take your “next best step” at Journey.


This is a fun, online gathering where you’ll learn more about the church, get to know some others who are relatively new, and learn how you can get plugged in at Journey of Faith.


Life Groups exist for you to experience authentic relationships in a smaller setting and discuss with others how you are integrating your faith and life.


At times we all need support and assistance. Explore the resources we offer for care and recovery groups, counseling referrals, mental and spiritual wellness and more.


Membership is not a requirement to be apart of our community, but instead tells us you agree with our core beliefs and values, and are actively committed to live, give, grow and serve as a Jesus’ follower at Journey of Faith. Enables voting for elders, deacons, and certain church governance matters.


Baptism is a public declaration of your commitment to become a follower of Jesus. It is also a symbol, representing outwardly to others just as Jesus died, was buried and rose again, you are putting your life apart from Christ to death and rising to a new life with Him.


Our commitment to serve cannot be accomplished alone. We are calling everyone to give their time, treasure and talent to make an impact.