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Message Series | Sep 12 – Nov 6

Sundays at 9am + 11am

What is Your Best Self?

The voices competing to tell you how to become the best version of yourself can be overwhelming. Your local gym, the vitamin store, extended family, your boss, politicians and social media are all vying for a chance to mold you into their image of the perfect you. But what if we skipped all of the noise and went back to the source, to hear from the one who created us, loves us, and knows us best? In this series, we’ll get closer to Jesus and let him help us become the person we were born to be. What we’ll discover is that a growing connection with God is the key to unlocking your best self.

We’ve put together five weeks of online discussion content to help you and your group connect, learn and grow together. Explore below to get started.

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Weekly Discussion Guides

Weekly discussion questions and devotions for your Life Group

Week 1

Share Your

Discussion Guide

October 3

Week 2

Become a

Discussion Guide

October 10

Week 3

Rely On

Discussion Guide

October 17

Week 4

Flip Your

Discussion Guide

October 24

Week 5

Strengthen Your Commitment

Discussion Guide

October 31

Frequently Asked Questions

We believe time spent doing life with others in a Life Group is one of the most powerful ways to grow spiritually, emotionally and relationally. Life Groups are a safe place to learn, be encouraged and challenged, and share the ups and downs of life’s journey.

Jesus himself lived life with, cared for, and influenced his disciples—a smaller group of individuals who were closest to him. He modeled the perfect example of how to live the Christian life: in community!

We want you to find the connection, support and the spiritual family a Life Group provides. Click here to get started finding a group!

Each Life Group is unique, but most gather for about 1-2 hours weekly and spend time catching up, using the discussion guide to spur conversations, and offering care and support. Some groups meet in person; others connect online.

Your Best Self groups will spend time discussing the weekly online series content. After choosing and joining a group, your first meeting might include some extra time to get to know other group members. Throughout the message series your group might also want meet up for prayer, do a serve project, or just hang out together. Our hope is that these groups give you an opportunity to build authentic connections as you pursue God together.

If applicable, there is also weekly activity content you can use with your kids in the digital session guides to generate conversation and help your entire family relate to the topics or ideas discussed.

Most groups choose to meet weekly, or every other week.

The Your Best Self series is designed to unpack the message series content on a weekly basis.

Each week’s session is structured the same:

  1. Introduction

  2. Share Your Story

  3. Hear God’s Story

  4. Create a New Story

  5. Daily Bible Devotion

  6. For Parents (optional)

All of the 5-week session content is available right here at Each week builds upon previous weeks’ content.

We have also created weekly activity and discussion content you can use with your kids in the digital session guides to generate conversation and help your entire family relate to the topics or ideas discussed.

Don’t worry if you are struggling to connect with the other members of the group.

We understand that many factors play into the interpersonal dynamics of a group. The different life stages, personalities, spiritual experiences, personal histories, and other elements of who each of us are, can sometimes make connecting a challenge.

For now, the best move is to pray for God’s direction. At the end of the 5-week study you’ll have an opportunity to decide if you want to continue with this group or try another one. However, we’d encourage you to not jump ship before the five weeks are up—God may have a plan to shape our differences into important connection points! Try to resist running from conflict or pre-judging the other members of your group at the start.

Starting October 6, childcare will be available on Wednesday nights from 6-8pm for in-person groups meeting at both the Manhattan Beach and Torrance campuses. There will be a cost of $30 total for all five weeks.

To join these specific on-campus groups you must first register for them in the online groups list HERE and then submit a secondary CHILDCARE FORM denoting your children’s names and ages.

Facilitator Resources


Kids Weekly Activity Guides

We designed weekly activities to have fun and guide spiritual conversations with your elementary or preschool child based on each week’s Groups Series content.


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Use these shareables to invite a friend to enjoy the Your Best Self message series and life groups!

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