Church Business Meeting January 28, 2024

For those of you who were unable to attend the Meeting on January 28, 2024, you will now be able to view the video and download a ballot to submit your written vote by February 4, 2024.

  • Fill out your ballot now and bring it to the church service you attend on January 28 or February 4 and place it one of the GIVING BOXES located around campus.
  • Scan it and email it to
  • Send it by mail to: Journey of Faith, 1243 Artesia Blvd, Manhattan Beach, CA 90266
  • Drop it off at the Manhattan Beach Campus Church Office between January 29 and February 2


Updated 1/25/2024
  • Call to Order
  • Invocation/Prayer
  • Review Agenda
  • Review of Minutes from Previous Meeting
  • New Business
    • Issue 1: Membership Committee
    • Issue 2: Sale of Real Property
  • Lead Pastor Report
  • Announcements (next meeting, other events, info about voting results) 
  • Adjournment


  • The meeting was held at Manhattan Beach and was simulcast to Torrance
  • 139 Members were present for the meeting
  • Call to Order by Elder Sheldon Brackett
  • Finance Report presented by Elder John Burge
  • Presentation of new Bylaws by Elder Sheldon Brackett
    • Refreshed Core Beliefs
    • Board Members will serve 4
    • Increased quorum requirements to be consistent with state law
    • Budget affirmation by the congregation, not voted on
    • One Business Meeting per year
    • Folding the Constitution into the Bylaws with a final vote to be held in June 2024
  • Motions
    • A motion was made to approve the 2023-2024 Budget
    • A motion was made to approve the Bylaws and to approve a meeting to remove the Constitution in June 2024
  • Lead Pastor Report
  • Results
    • Budget 130 Yes, Zero No, 2 Abstained
    • Bylaws 130 Yes, 7 No, 2 Abstained
  • Meeting Adjourned


Our Membership Committee serves to help attendees become members of Journey of Faith and consists of three members who are not serving on the board, presented by the church’s nominating committee and voted on by the congregation at our annual meeting per Article VI, Section 2 of our current Bylaws.

Section 2 – Admission of Members
Prospective members shall apply for membership by preparing and submitting the application form, which form shall set forth the criteria for membership and shall be approved by the Board. Such form shall be made available which shall be made available upon the request of any prospective member. Each applicant for membership shall be a self-professed follower of Jesus Christ, committed to and actually and consistently living according to the standards set forth in the Scriptures, including as set forth within the Statement of Faith included within these Bylaws, meet the eligibility requirements of Membership as defined in Article VI Section 1 of these Bylaws, and shall complete any process as determined by the Board.

Members shall be accepted into membership by the Membership Committee. The Membership Committee shall be comprised of three members who are not serving on the board. The board nominating committee shall select candidates for the Membership Committee to be voted on by the congregation at the annual meeting. The Membership Committee does not have the authority to change the Statement of Faith included within these Bylaws. The Membership Committee does not have the authority to accept into membership any person or persons who are not living in accordance with the standards set forth in the Scriptures and with the Statement of Faith.  

Article VI Section 2 Journey of Faith Bylaws approved June 2023


We have a strong commitment to global mission partners. As a result, In 2007, we purchased a 2B/2B condo in Torrance for $519,000. The goal of owning this condo was to provide temporary housing for missionaries while in South Bay. However, since the purchase, new HOA rules prohibit short-term residents, which means we are no longer able to use the hosting for the intended purpose. We have also recognized that the layout of the unit has proven difficult for older missionaries, and scheduling challenges have not been conducive for the majority of missionaries. As such, the cost of upkeep. of this property outweighs the benefits.

At our meeting, the Board is asking the congregation to approve the sale of the condo for a significant profit. The goal of the sale is to reinvest 50% of funds into a 10-missionary support plan, which will allow us to host more and more frequent missionaries at Extended Stay housing. This will also provide more funds for other logistical needs: vehicles, meals, and soul care. The remaining funds would be reinvested into future Journey projects.


Is this a recent plan? No. We have seen the challenging factors growing over the past several years, and Alicia Allen had been working to navigate the tensions and explore new opportunities since at least 2020.

Is it wise to sell property in the South Bay right now?  Shouldn’t we hold onto the Condo? Our priority is wise use of our resources for direct ministry engagement.  While wealth can accumulate through property ownership, our larger call is to strategically activate all of Journey’s resources to accomplish our mission.  We risk resembling the servant who buried their talent if we delay.

Would the church consider using the funds for other real estate in the South Bay? While it is possible that some of the funds could be invested into a different form of housing for missionary care, there is no proposal for such use at the present moment.  One idea would be for Journey to own a property with several different housing options included, such a four-plex with various apartment layouts which could be used for several ministry purposes, but that is not included in this current plan.

Is this a signal that we don’t support missionaries as well as we used to? I am happy to report that Journey of Faith is at a high point in the way we support our local and global partners and will only grow in that ability in the next 12-18 months.  We have worked, over the past several years, to truly get to know our missionary partners and hear their feedback and ways that we can best support them.  With that insight, in the next year, and with this plan in action, we will increase our congregational awareness of missionaries, grow the volunteer teams that care for our missionaries, and be able to show our care for many more of our missionaries who visit the Los Angeles area.