Whether you have a heart for working with kids, enjoy lending a helping hand, or love to make people feel welcome, we have a space for you to use your God-given passions and talents.

Why Serve?

Serving is one of the best ways to get plugged in at Journey! It helps create deeper connections with God and others. It’s a great way to meet new friends, put your God-given gifts and skills into action, and impact the lives of people in our church, our community and the world.


We have a broad range of awesome teams that you can join!

Here’s a short guide to all the ministries you can serve in at Journey.

Behind-the-Scenes (Operations)

Volunteers available midweek are welcome to join the Behind-the-Scenes Team. This team provides operational support in the Facilities, Finance and Office areas to ensure our church runs smoothly.

Do you like to create stage props, decorate for the holidays and build things with your hands? Are you a steward of financial responsibility with a heart for service? Do you like to organize and help around an office environment? Join our Midweek On-Call Support Team to help with Behind-the-Scenes projects as they arise periodically throughout the year. 


A Care Volunteer is someone who helps with our prayer ministry, memorial services, and/or hospital and home visits. This job is special because at Journey we want to care for everyone, especially those who are experiencing grief or sadness, and challenging times. By coming alongside them, praying with them, and supporting them through life’s challenges, we can show them love the of Jesus.

Our prayer is that every Care Volunteer seeks a deep and growing relationship with God, they believe in the power of prayer, and have a passion for caring for the most vulnerable in our congregation.


To lead a group, you don’t have to be a Bible expert, a homeowner with a place to meet, or be able to answer every question your group might have. All you need is a willingness to show hospitality, facilitate discussion, and help people feel welcomed and connected.

Guest Experience

The Guest Experience team is a role that takes place during the Sunday morning services. Our team’s mission is to make sure every guest feels loved and cared for. We do this by having parking, greeting, refreshments, auditorium host and safety volunteers to help everyone who comes to our church get connected.


Being a part of Journey Kids means helping kids grow in their faith! As a journey kids volunteer you will have the opportunity to serve in several areas that take place on Sunday mornings. Sunday mornings is where we begin to create a foundation of Faith and belief. Each week we build on the last with connection, play, curiosity.


An outreach volunteer has a heart to care for and build relationships with people in our community and around the world! We believe no job or project is too big or small to plant the seeds of Jesus’ love, care, grace, and hope.

Outreach is incredibly passionate about standing in the gaps of the Foster Care community, for our neighbors experiencing homelessness, and for the victims of natural and manmade disasters. When we use our time, talents, and passion to meet the needs of others, we know this is the first step in making communities whole.

Our greatest hope is that every outreach team member has an increased awareness of how God works in the world and what that means for their faith!


The Production Team serves our weekly Sunday experience as well as partnering with other ministries to provide event support throughout the year. Opportunities to serve in multiple areas including camera operators, visual content, sound, lighting, directing and more.

It’s our desire to grow together as a team and to walk away each week learning a little more about ourselves and each other. Training is provided. No experience required. 


Middle and High School students are at the beginning of a journey of making faith their own! They are eager to discover answers to big questions in life and how a relationship with Jesus could change their lives, their schools, and their community.

Students meet for their own unique programs on Sunday evening at Torrance and Tuesday evening at Manhattan Beach!


Worship volunteers are some of the first faces you see when you come into a Sunday service. The worship ministry mainly serves on Sundays, but also at special events like baptisms, worship nights and special holidays. We use skill specific gifts to enhance the worship experience and to help lead the congregation into a posture of praise and worship.

If you have a passion to lead others in worship and the desire to use your talents/skill while serving along side others, then the worship team might be the right ministry for you.  We can’t wait to meet you and answer any questions you may have.

I'm Ready to Get Started!

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Volunteer FAQ

One of our core values at Journey of Faith is to create a safe environment for everyone, especially children, to grow in their faith and relationship with God. One very practical way that we ensure the safety of kids and students is our Child Protection Policy which sets our standards for how volunteers and kids in our care interact. Part of that policy has been to background check volunteers who serve in roles working with kids and students. We are now expanding this practice to include all volunteers at Journey of Faith, both to follow the state laws and to better know the people serving in different ministries. 

A little more about the legal side now. In 2021, the California State Legislature passed AB 506, impacting organizations that serve children and youth – including churches, nonprofits and ministries. The law requires volunteer background checks – including fingerprinting and running those prints against California’s criminal database. This type of background check is commonly known in California as Live Scan. In addition, employees and volunteers must receive training that meets the state’s standards for mandated abuse reporters.

Yes. All applicants must be fingerprinted to volunteer through the Department of Justice (DOJ) and the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). 

All volunteers must be fingerprinted by January 1, 2024. You may serve in areas where there are no or limited interactions with kids or youth until this time. 

No. Additional information may be required depending on the crime to identify the best areas within the church to serve. 

Background check results are only viewed by the Custodian of Records for Journey of Faith Church and remain confidential. 

The Live Scan Process takes approximately 3-7 days once DOJ/FBI receives your Live Scan Request form. Your prints may be delayed if any of the data is incomplete, incorrect, or entered incorrectly by the applicant or fingerprint operator. 

No. By law, fingerprint records are specific only to the requestor and results cannot be shared with others. Therefore, you must fingerprint for Journey of Faith. 

  • Schedule a time to get fingerprinted with your ministry coordinator.
  • Complete the Request for Live Scan Form.
  • Roll your fingerprints on the special computer and fingerprint scanner. 

Applicants may check the status of their fingerprint submission by visiting the DOJ website. https://applicantstatus.doj.ca.gov/