Church Survey Personas

During our recent Church Survey you received a “Persona” based on your responses. Here are descriptions for each of these personas for you to consider in 2024.


You’ve reached an enviable balance where your faith and daily life nourish one another. Your strong spiritual foundation seems to cast a positive light across all facets of your life, from your personal relationships to your professional endeavors, financial stability, and health. While your assessment suggests that you’re thriving, remember that growth is an infinite journey. Embrace this season of blessings, and continue to invest in your spiritual practices, as they clearly serve as the wellspring for your overall well-being. Your example is a beacon to those around you, demonstrating the beauty of a life integrated with faith.


It’s inspiring to see someone like you who’s on a promising path, with clear indications of a rich spiritual life and potential for even greater development. Your dedication to your faith and church community is paying off, providing strength and support in your relationships, career, and personal health. However, there’s always room to stretch and grow. Use this positive momentum to delve deeper into the areas where you seek improvement, and let your faith be the compass guiding you toward even more fulfillment and harmony in all areas of your life.


You shine brightly in nearly every area, with a resilience that likely stems from your deep faith and community bonds. It’s admirable how you maintain a positive and trusting outlook despite financial headwinds. Your challenge lies in navigating economic uncertainties while preserving the serenity of your spiritual life. This period may be an opportunity to explore financial planning resources within your faith community or to cultivate new skills that could enhance your financial stability. Lean on your church family for support, as you’ve done in other aspects of life, and trust that this challenge can lead to growth and renewed faith.


You’re in a unique position where many aspects of your life are stable, yet your spiritual journey is still unfolding. It’s a testament to your open-mindedness and reflective nature that you’re actively considering where faith fits into your life. Although your commitment to faith may not be as pronounced as other areas, it’s the perfect time to engage more deeply with spiritual practices. This exploration could unlock new dimensions of flourishing and provide a richer context for your existing strengths. Embrace this curiosity, as it can lead to profound insights and a more integrated sense of self.


Your steadfast faith is a cornerstone in your life, especially commendable as you face challenges in health, finances, or relationships. This unwavering devotion is a source of strength, yet it’s also important to seek out practical supports for the more worldly trials you’re facing. Your survey results suggest that while your spiritual health is robust, there might be benefits in reaching out for additional support in those other areas. Whether it’s through community resources, counseling, or financial advice, remember that seeking help is a sign of strength and a step toward holistic well-being.


You’re going through a season of life that’s proving to be quite challenging, as reflected across all areas of your flourishing assessment. It’s crucial to acknowledge the strength it takes to face such adversity. Your results are a call to action, an invitation to tap into the supportive network of your church community more than ever. They can be a lifeline during tough times. This period might also be the right moment to explore new avenues for support and growth, be it through professional counseling, community aid programs, or simply deepening connections with those who uplift you. Your endurance is powerful; let it be the catalyst that propels you toward a future where you can thrive again.

If you have not taken the survey yet, you are able to take the survey until January 14, 2024