Week 1 | Simple Faith Resources

What is the Christian Faith really about?  Put simply… Jesus.  We tend to make it complicated.  We find Jesus and then we start adding things on – cultural traditions, politics, personal preferences – and by the time we are done, we might be following a different Jesus! This complicated faith is not only spiritually exhausting, but it makes it harder to get along with other people. In this first message of our Simple Faith series, we look at the basic message of the Christian Faith, what’s called the Gospel and start the process of removing the religious “add-ons” that we’ve collected along the way.


As we start our Simple Faith series, we’re going section by section through the New Testament book Galatians. This is a letter by Paul written to people who were struggling with religious legalism. Wanna study Galatians a little more?  Here are a few resources to help you!

Here’s a section-by-section commentary by the great English pastor John Stott https://www.amazon.com/Message-Galatians-Bible-Speaks-Today/dp/0877842884

Here is a ten-session discussion guide by New Testament scholar Tom Wright


Here is a photo of Pastor Jason and his wife Marie a few years ago after they got their vows renewed by Scholar Tom Wright.

Here’s a great video overview of Paul’s Letter to the Galatians