Week 5 Positive Influence Resources

As we just finished our Positive Influence series, we wanted to offer some additional resources that can help you with our fifth Influence Principle: COMMITMENT!

Like Pastor Jason mentioned in his teaching on Sunday, here is a simple reading plan through Luke: https://www.biblereadingplan.org/luke-1/

If you prefer to watch or listen, here is a video-based journey through Luke’s summary of Jesus’ life and teachings: https://www.bible.com/reading-plans/22112-jesus-in-all-of-luke-a-video-devotional

As a way to understand how to stay intimately connected to God, we talked about the spiritual concept of “abiding.”  To help you with this, here is a 31 one day devotional about abiding in Christ:


Here are some more helpful thoughts and suggested prayers related to “mercy”


Thanks for being so engaged with this series!